Seven Stories/Late Shows followup


Its been such a busy few weeks that I’ve barely had time to take stock, but I’m very happy with how the event went. It was a real evening of discovery, with pop-up performances from the wonderful Doug Garry, Jayne Dent, Rowan McCabe, Rosie Calvert & Will Finn.

I still can’t quite process how great it was they were also keen to get on-board and delivered such killer performances. And nothing went wrong! No angry parents who heard their children being exposed to metaphors, and no keyboards dropped in the Ouseburn river. I’m so relieved, and so grateful to Seven Stories and the Culture Lab for making it possible.

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For a more detailed behind-the-scenes look, check out my course blog posts here and here, or watch some video clips from the event itself here! I wish I more time to write (i.e. enthuse endlessly) about this, but for now life is still coursework mayhem. Really interesting coursework mayhem – Creative Arts Practice is a wonderful course that has given me the chance to get stuck into a lot of cool things – but still. Maybe soon (-:



Spoken Word Adventures – Hammer and Tongue


Been a bit snowed under this last week, what with one of my deadlines being quietly moved forward by three days without anyone telling me (hahahahahaha I survived), but something awesome happened this weekend – Team Edinburgh won another slam! Me, Catherine, Joe and Doug (those talented bastards) went to down to London to compete in the Hammer and Tongue National Slam Final, having qualified at Unislam. We went up against some incredible teams from the various different branches of Hammer and Tongue in two rounds of group pieces, and we won!

It was a great weekend. It was also exhausting – it ran for around 8 hours on the Saturday and 4 on the Sunday – but it was jam-packed with some incredible talent: Theresa Lola (who won the singles competition) and Kat Francois, to name just two. There were some familiar faces from the Edinburgh scene – Matthew Macdonald and Iona Lee – and a whole host of incredible performers. It was kickass.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sleep forever.

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I’m off to sleep forever.


UniSlam and Updates


Its been a little while since I’ve posted anything much, partly because I’ve been busy with essays, but I haven’t been idle as far as writing and poetry is concerned:

Last night was UniSlam 2014, with teams from Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester Metropolitan, Edinburgh and St Andrews, all here in Teviot competing for the coveted UniSlam trophy. Having won the first ever UniSlam last year down in Birmingham, the Edinburgh team defended their title and won again! It was a great night, with poems from twenty brilliant student poets. I’ve shared work by Lucy, Doug and Jess (who were all on the winning team) in the past, but with any luck I’ll soon be sharing work from Joe and some of the representatives of other universities too. There was a lot of great talent that night.

All that also gave me the motivation to sit down and do some proper writing for the first time in a while, leading to two new poems, some progress on a third and small edits to two others. I’ll be posting the new poems soon, but for now here are the updates:
Write Hungry:
Was it you?: