Middle Spirits: Middle Spirits is a pamphlet of illustrated poetry produced in collaboration with artist Elena Purlyte. The poems were inspired by folklore, fairy tales and the internet, and produced with the intent of creating a colourful collection with something for everyone.

Performance: while I wouldn’t call myself a slam poet, performing at spoken word events like Soap Box and Loud Poets has given me some of the most exciting experiences of my creative career. In 2014, I even got to perform at the Fringe! My proudest achievement in poetry is having been a part of the winning team at Unislam 2016, which qualified us to compete in CUPSI 2016 in Austin, Texas, where we won the Spirit of the Slam Award.

Horror: I think the enjoyable fear and tension created by works of horror are under-explored areas in spoken word. One of my goals it to create a work of horror in collaboration with other artists, in the vein of my own previous attempts: The Tall Man’s Coat, In the Library and Nothing is Sacred.

More Poems:
The Computer Programmer’s Guide to Smalltalk (version 0.8)
The Wolf who came to the Door
The Night Train


Image credit from left to right:
Mikes Magic Moments (top) and Perry Jonsson Art (bottom), original image, original image (top) and CUPSI 2016 logo (bottom), original image (top) and Perry Jonsson Art (bottom), Loud Poets, New Writing North (top) and Edinburgh Festival Fringe (bottom).