Narrative Design


Any game can benefit from a good story, and even less narrative-focused games make use of rich characters and world-building to come to life. I have been a keen gamer for as long as I have been a writer, and it is one of my ambitions to write professionally for the video game industry.

Twine: I am a fan of choose-your-own-adventure games as far back as Sorcery! and Zork, and I have experimented in making my own using Twine, a versatile open-source tool. I find Twine very useful for making and visualizing complex, multi-branching stories with a wide range of possible outcomes, and as part of my current studies I hope to learn to use it in a wider range of contexts.

RPG Maker: RPG Maker is a more specialized but also more powerful tool, which gave me the change to play around with games containing actual art and sound. Although Japanese-style RPGs aren’t really my thing, working with RPG Maker helped me appreciate the depth of what goes into a finished game.

Favourites: If I had to pick three games, I would choose Fallen London for its amazing world-building and gothic style, The Stanley Parable for its genius wit, and Darkest Dungeon for its voice-acting and brilliantly crafted atmosphere.