HSS8123 – Three ‘Found’ Poems


Excerpts from my final degree show project

MMXV (Lenz v. Universal Music)
y my, jukebox ravager
fame, metrosexual envy
my label’s moxy even,
mum waxes verdant!

Supreme Ruler: Trump Rising
Supreme Ruler Ultimate – Version 9.0.70 Changelog:
• Leaders for Modern World updated
• New Facilities available: Trump Tower, Trump Wall
• ISIS and Kurdistan are now active regions
• Units without a valid region now eliminated on load
• Greater use of high volatility settings
• Clear out product display data when a region dies
• Tactical nukes will now auto fire
These changes apply to all players regardless of whether they add the new Trump Rising DLC Content.

Derek Savage vs. I Hate Everything/Your Movie Sucks
Eager rage nerds grade adverse ads.
Dad Derek sees red, seeks erasage.
Dark saga ravages geeks, greed agrees.
Nerd evade adverse drek.
Derek deserves served.



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