HSS8123 – It’s degree show season!


Times are changing. I have a cool copywriting job, and my artsy postgrad is coming to an end (in that order, which is slightly inconvenient). I’m enjoying both, but it’ll be nice to not be multitasking quite so much.

Normally I would be posting about this on the course blog, but whaddya know, its been hacked (apparently by a Chinese viagra company, but I’m not sure I believe that rumour). So there will be a lot of lengthy blog posts happening here instead for the time being. Any posts marked with HSS8123 are related to my final degree show.

There’ll be a mix of stuff: some image dumps, some reflective posts, some sharing of relevant things I’ve stumbled across, and bits of content from the final show. If any of that sounds like your cup of tea, stay tuned, or check out the event page. For now, enjoy some silly teasers I put together while procrastinating the actual hard-work parts of the project:





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