Edinburgh Horror Festival & Hocus Poets


Its no secret that I like horror. A lot. Probably too much. Welcome to Night Vale, Coraline, Darkest Dungeon, Until Dawn… Alright, not many of those things are scary in the same sense that Paranormal Activity and the Blair Witch Project are scary. But they have such an unsettling vibe to them. I love it.

That’s why I was pretty hyped when I found out about the existence of the Edinburgh Horror Festival, happening this weekend. There’s film, comedy, cabaret and most importantly (to me, anyway) spoken word – featuring prominently one of my all-time favourite poets – Matthew Macdonald. His standout show Something Wicked This Way Comes is running again, as is a new show in collaboration with Richard Partridge-Hickes. Its called Book of the Jubilation, and promises to include occult horror, hideous truths and sanity-eroding books from beyond the ken of human minds. Sounds right up my street (-:

And not only do I get to soak up the Edinburgh Horror Festival, I’m also performing this weekend! I’m performing this Saturday as part of Loud Poets’ Halloween event Hocus Poets which has to be the best (read: most shameless) pun title they’ve done yet. I’m really looking forward to performing in Edinburgh again, and catching up with the whole scene. Happy Halloween!

Top image: Richard Partridge-Hickes (left), Matthew Macdonald (right)


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