Creative Arts Practice M.A.


It probably hasn’t escape your attention that I’ve been posting a lot more recently. Why the sudden burst of activity? Well, part of the reason is that that I’ve finally got my English Language & Lit degree from Edinburgh. It was a great four years – I really enjoyed my studies and made a lot of friends – but I also spent a lot more time writing essays than I did anything else, and even though the essays were mostly cool ones, I still felt the lack of variety quiet a lot. Now that I’ve graduated, the possibilities are wider, to say the least.

That leads on the main reason – my new course! Just under a month ago I began an MA in Creative Arts Practice at Newcastle, my home city, and boy has it gotten off to a good start. For my purposes its similar to a creative writing course, but there are people on it doing photography, film, music, visual design and allsorts, and it also gives me the chance to learn a lot more about digital media and take modules from other courses. So there’s a lot more scope for collaboration and interesting multimedia projects!

The department building is also one of the highlights – its based in the Culture Lab, which has IT equipment and studio space coming out of the woodwork. Its a really lovely building, and we have our own generous bit of space all to ourselves, which is already beginning to feel like home. As well as hosting course activities, there are a lot of cool events on right in the main building, and I’ve been to a few already.

All-in-all, I’m really excited for this year. With any luck it give me the chance to develop some vocational skills and work on some cool creative projects. Poetry, copy editing and writing for video games are my current holy trinity of aspirations, so fingers-crossed!


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