Visiting the NewBridge Project/Hidden Civil War


Its been a busy week! This Thursday,  as part of my new course (which I swear I would have gotten around to writing about by now if great stuff like this didn’t keep cropping up), we visited The NewBridge Project. The NewBridge Project is a community of artists that has set up temporary shop in an empty building awaiting development in Newcastle city centre, which now plays host to galleries, studios, event space and a shop.

I’m only just beginning to find out about all the potential opportunities and support the project offers to new artists, but even just a quick visit gave me the chance to make some new contacts and find out about new events. And I’m already seeing some of the great projects they’ve helped facilitate all around Newcastle. I was wandering down Northumberland Street the week before and I ran into Pocket Money Loans, a terrifyingly realistic satire of Wonga, the Money Shop and all the other loan companies that collect debt in the form of souls and first-born children. It was orchestrated by Darren Cullen of Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives, and it was hilarious and terrifying in equal measures.

Not half a week later, in the same place, was a stand promoting the upcoming Ken Loach film I, Daniel Blake, a film that aims to critique and raise awareness of the dehumanisation currently going on in the UK welfare system. Both of these events are part of Hidden Civil War, a month long festival of art and social activism hosted by the NewBridge Project. By working with events like these, Hidden Civil War aims to open up dialogue about the divides and hidden conflicts going on in modern day Britain. Its well worth checking out.




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