It is a little known fact that when household objects reach a certain age, they become alive.

Oh, they will try to keep it from you.
Your hand-me-downs and heirlooms would rather you didn’t know
that when you weren’t looking, they scraped together a soul
from discarded feelings, moments and rituals
and the songs you sang while using them.

Grandfather clocks may keep their own time
chairs will sometimes stretch their legs
and pictures will look kindly on the ones their likeness loved.

The way you treat them is important –
– they take associations to heart.
Just as the bed that made a marriage may hold you close
your mirror might just wonder what it’s doing wrong,
might learn – from you – to hate itself
when you curse your own reflection.

That’s the thing about possessions.
You can’t help but be honest with them
like children, they learn by example
and take everything to heart.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons.
Author: Toriyama Seiken.


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