Loud Poets Hype


Loud Poets 2015 Fringe Banner

The 2015 Fringe is almost upon us, and that means the Loud Poets Fringe show is back! Last year’s debut show was spectacular, and this year promises even more with a rockstar line-up of ten amazingly talented performance poets from Scotland and around the world. From left to right, they are: Sara Hirsch, Jyothis Padmanabhan (Joe with the Glasses), Carly Brown, Katie Ailes, Agnes Torok, Doug Garry, Miko Berry, Kevin Mclean, Catherine Wilson and Kevin Cadwallender. I’ve seen them all first-hand, and I can vouch that each and every one of them is going to knock them dead this year.

Between them they’re involved in other projects too numerous to do justice to here, but if you click on their names you should be able to find out a little about them and what they’re up to – some have just kickstarted new poetry collections, others have won awards and competitions, and some even have their own solo Fringe shows! They all have twitter, facebook pages and they’re all worth looking up on their own merits. Of course, I’m more than a little bit biased – I was fairly involved in last year’s show, and I’ll be helping out a bit this year too – but that doesn’t mean I can’t rave about my favourite band of eloquent mad people.

The Fringe is going to be a busy time for me – I have an exciting job with Fringe Central, hanging around on the Royal Mile fraternising with fire-eaters and balloon artists. I will be seeing a lot of shows though, and I reckon this is a good chance to dust off my old reviewing cap and let you guys know when I like what I see. I know I’m excited to see Will Seaward again – he was brilliant last year. Apart from that, my two not-so-secret-projects (the choose-your-own-adventure story and the illustrated pamplet) have both been coming along nicely too – more on those on another time.

See you soon!


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