Chemical Music


Sometimes the whims of the universe conspire in such a way
as to tune the strings of your brain to precisely the right pitch
so the music strikes a chord that sends you reeling.

There are no words for it.
It’s… word salad, its
a lightning strike straight to the heart of you
a perfect ten
a rush.
It’s not a drug
but it is addictive
there’s no recipe
but there is a playlist: ‘walking mix 2015’.
This is chemical music.

When the clock strikes half-past the eleventh hour
and a white hot wire runs between your temples
the music swells, you flings your arms wide
and suddenly you’re soaring, and half-way home.
You’re glad you didn’t get the bus this evening
The city’s winding down to sleep
but you’ve only just woken up
your heart pounds to the sound of the big-top beat
like it’s made of circus meat
a lion, an elephant, a walrus at least
this is animal music.

You pass a back alley, cross a road
and suddenly you’re in a music video
or an elaborately choreographed, high-octane fight scene
attacks, dodges, parries, fatalities
the boss health bar fills up the bottom of the screen
but you’re not afraid – this song is a cheat code.
All of your training has led to this.
This is the final showdown, a badass training montage
this is smart quips, one-liners, finishing moves
this is action music.

Sometimes it’s not enough.
Sometimes it just doesn’t catch
you just can’t feel it this time
and there is no lift-off.
Sometimes, though
the next song comes on and you know the reason
why the heart is measured in beats per minute.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons, author: Seqquis.


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