Rosie and Gerald


Gerald has seen the galaxy
he has travelled far and wide
he’s seen the edge of the universe
he’s surfed the solar tides.

But he is just a humble comet
adrift in the lonely dark
and beneath his layers of frozen dust
there beats a lonely heart.

He’s asked out every shining star
but all of them said no.
The Death Star saw his dark side.
A black hole let him go.

He gave Venus one of Saturn’s rings
went down on bended knee
and when she turned him down he tried
his luck, with all the Pleiades.

But none of them would have him.
He wonders, “What am I doing wrong?
I there no one in the universe
in whose orbit I belong?”

But his question went unanswered
until he passed a blue-green globe
and by the people on its surface
was launched a tiny probe.

She landed on his surface
and he didn’t know what to do
until she whispered “My name’s Rosie,
I want to run away with you.”

“They sent me fetch samples,
but I want to see the stars!
I want you to show me the universe,
to go beyond the Earth and Mars.”

“Let’s go off into the depths of space
to see what we can find!”
So they ran away together
and left the Earth behind.

Now Gerald and Rosie are happy
although they have nowhere to call their own.
But while they are off on an adventure!
The whole galaxy is their home.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons, author: European Space Agency.


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