Still Here


loud poets slam photo
Take down the wanted posters, call off the search parties – I’m still here. I’ve just been a bit snowed under with essays. Interesting essays, mind, but that’s put paid to my ambitious writerly projects for the time being, and realistically coursework is going to be intruding increasingly often until I graduate.

Still, I’m keeping track of my projects, and I’m not letting it get me down. This week has been a good week for poetry events, though. Last Saturday was the Loud Poets Slam, which was brilliant. I wasn’t planning to perform, but ended up doing Lifehacks, which I had never performed before, and I was really pleased with how it went down. There were some great performers that night, shout out in particular to the winner, Jyothis Padmanabhan (Joe with the Glasses). He’s an incredible poet, an incredible performer, and he’s been consistently blowing away audiences for a good while now. His facebook page is pretty cool, you should check it out!

Link –

Then yesterday night was Poets Against Humanity, and I have to say I’ve not laughed that hard in a while. It was pretty much the unholy lovechild of a weird avant-garde open mic night and the absurd party game Cards Against Humanity (thank god for the Chutney Exhibition and creative commons licences). The podcast episode for last night isn’t up yet, but it will be soon, and here’s the last episode. Give it a listen, if you’ve got the time. You might laugh, or wince, if you’re easily offended or squeamish.

Anyway, I’m still alive, still ticking over. Poetry, collaboration, choose-your-own-adventure-stories, all of these things are still in the pipeline. But watch this space.


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