Choose-your-own-adventure Stories + Suky Goodfellow


Does anyone remember those kids’ choose-your-own-adventure books? I used to love those. The best one was an Asterix and Obelix one that I used to cheat my way through mercilessly in order to actually finish the story (turns out swapping places with Atlas is not as fun as it sounds). But anyway, I’ve recently gotten back into them, thanks in part to the many video games I’ve recently discovered which do very interesting things with the same kind of concept (the Wolf Among Us, the Stanley Parable and the Yawhg, to name a few), and partly to a good friend of mine who showed me some of the cool things you could do in the format.

Suky Goodfellow is a brilliant young writer, artist and all-around trendy creative person based in Edinburgh and St Andrews. You can find her bizarrely awesome choose-your-own-adventure story, entitled ‘David Cameron Ate My Hamster’, here on the Chutney Exhibition (which plays host to a wide variety of other weird, great and hilarious things too):
…as well as her art page here:

Regarding the lack of new content here recently, you can blame choose-your-own-adventure stories for that too. I’ve discovered Twine, a great software for making them in, and longer projects turn out not to be so conducive to regular posting. Who’d have thought? But as soon as I’ve got enough to put online, I will be letting you know (-:


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