Movember Haikus


Alright, that’s it for Movember. I can rid myself of my dreadful ‘stache now. And, as promised here as some cheesy Movember haikus as a reward to those who donated:

Its Movember and
-get it off get it off get-
so far it goes well.

Movember, Day Twelve
and Ned Flanders has my face.
Hidely-ho neighborino.

Growing a moustache
in the search for inner peace.
Mostly it just itches.

December begins
the great upper-lip war is over
and my face is free.

p.s: there’s still time
Movember *has* ended but
you can still donate:


That’s all for the time being. Now, allow me to bury my head in revision notes and cry for a few weeks. Lewis out.


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