Please don’t buy the Poison


There’s a drug out there they’re pushing
not on the streets or in the seedy bars
but in the dark places
the dark moments
when you need hope the most
they will want to sell you this instead
but please
don’t buy the poison.

I’m not saying it won’t help you
for a little while.
It can numb the pain
pump adrenaline into your perfect heart and make it pound
but not all bitter pills are medicine.
I’m not telling you not to get angry
not to get even
but this it is addictive.
don’t let it get in the heart of you
– your heart is too wholesome for poison.

Just because it isn’t real
doesn’t mean it can’t hurt you
this psychosomatic psychoactive
it can rot your eyes on the inside
and make you see the worst in people.
don’t let it be the air you breathe
– your lungs are too lovely for poison.

This stuff, it gets everywhere
wherever foul thoughts fester
wherever words are tipped with poison
on forums, on street corners, newspaper columns.
Behind your back and under your breath,
in the chip on your shoulder.
don’t let it drip from your talking tongue
– your words are too sacred for poison.

This is your warning,
the small print on the back of the bottle.
Hate is a poison
and it is not good for you.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Author: Andrew Kuznetsov.


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