The Last Man on Earth


It is morning.
The sun rises like a loaf of bread
and with it, quick as a baker
rises the last man on Earth.

He is ordinary.
Of average height and average build
wearing average clothes of the kind of everyone wore
before everyone left.

He has not shaved in a long time.
This is because, without power
he can no longer charge his electric razor
and he does not know how to shave with a blade.
He has learned other things, though
out of necessity
like chopping wood, and making fire
and which wild plants are good to eat
although without Wikipedia he does not know their names.

He does not have a home
but he has found himself a place to live
an old cottage where he is warm enough
and dry enough.
Each day he spends gathering food and wood
just enough for the next day.
He is melancholy, sometimes
but not without good reason
he thinks
and only sometimes.

When he gets like this
he sings himself a bitter little tune.
Humanity went in to two by two,
hurrah, hurrah.

Sometimes it makes him feel better
with no one to tell him it isn’t funny
he cheers himself up, laughing at his own joke.
Sometimes he is happy for days.
Humanity went in to two by two,
hurrah, hurrah.

It doesn’t always work, though.
Sometimes it cuts too close to the bone.
Humanity went in two by two,
my kids, my wife and my parents too
and they all went into the arc
leaving me out in the rain.

Sometimes it rains
but not every day.
Sometimes he whistles
even on rainy days.
There is no one to tell him not to
or listen.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Photographer: Podzemnik


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