The Politician, by Alex Best


I’ve been saving this gem for a rainy day. If you like the story, you should take a look at the rest of the blog – there’s more brilliant stuff like this, plus games journalism, photography and all sorts. It’s a real labour of love.


Another short story written by yours truly. And no, it isn’t based on David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Smile. Pause for effect. Continue. Sweeping gesture. Glance down, appear modest. Look up, survey audience. Smile again.

Richard Patterson eyed up the assembly, recognising certain discernible faces mixed in with those he should know but their names escaped him. They had important political and media influence; wielding power that could make or break his career.  But at this moment they were followers to his cause, ready to listen and ready to act. The pressure was intense and Patterson could feel a film of perspiration building up on his forehead.

Focus on your delivery, remember the gestures.

His routine annoyed him, the set of motions that had been recommended to him by his advisor just struck him as deceiving and fake but his team had insisted. The positive nodding and murmuring coming from…

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