Today I’m joining forces with my reflection
to take on the world.
Me and the man in the mirror
vs. everything.
We’re going to put aside our non-existent differences
and work together
finally forgive one another.

It shouldn’t have taken this long.
There’s no grudge between us, him and me
we have everything in common.
It’s not his fault I’m not more organized
more outgoing, better groomed.
No more can I be blamed
for every mark and imperfection on the surface of the glass
every time the light falls askance
Him and me
we are the same.

So it’s about time then.
Time that we share the weight
upon our shoulders
leave our troubles in the surface
of the puddles on the ground
crack a smile that cracks glass
leaving no barriers at all.

Heaven helps those who help themselves
so just think what I can do with my reflection by my side.
I will shoot no more uncertain glances
at the mirror in the hall
no longer from infinite mirrors
like they are rooms crowded with strangers
no longer shy back from the edge of the water
for fear of falling into the sky.
I will be without fear.

Before the day is out
it will be done.
I will have made peace with my reflection
and become whole.
But there’s a chance it won’t work like that
and if it doesn’t work like that
if I’m left with nothing but bleeding hands
and broken glass
then for seven years I’ll make my own luck
go the long way around
and when I’m done staring at my feet
done bandaging my hands
done putting the pieces back together
I’ll try again, and hope the light is better.


Got the inspiration for this one from a fun writing exercise with Rachel Rankin. Check out the awesome poem ‘Clouds’ that she came up with here on her blog!


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Photographer: Mummelgrummel.


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