Poetry and the Fringe


So, the Edinburgh Fringe is approaching, and the fact I abysmally failed to get a job there isn’t going to stop me making the most of it. There’s going to be so much brilliant comedy, but what some people might not know is just how much amazing performance poetry there is at the Fringe as well.

First up, Agnes Török is going to be blowing minds at the Free Fringe. I shared her sound cloud a little while ago, and judging by how well it went down I reckon some of you guys would love her show. Here’s a sample of her lovely, hilarious, scathing poetry:

And here’s the event page for her show:
Check it out!

Secondly, after their kick-ass launch event, the Loud Poets have set their sights on the Fringe. Anyone who has followed my blog for long will know how much I love these guys – they’re quite simply a conglomeration of the best young performance poets I’ve seen hit the stage, and they’re only getting better. I’m signed up to be one of the guest performers on the 6th of August, and I’m thrilled to have a chance to join in. Don’t miss the chance to see them this summer!

It isn’t all poetry either – student theatre and comedy is going strong. I’m especially looking forward to this show, on at Bedlam. There are some talented actors, directors and playsmiths lurking around in that creepy old church. See for yourself:

I’m sure there are many other exciting shows on, but these are the events being masterminded by people whose creative genius I’ve experienced first hand. I’d thoroughly recommend checking them all out, and supporting the flourishing spoken word scene in Scotland. Enjoy (-:


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