Feedback Drive


Hello everyone!

WordPress reliably informs me that there are at least some people out there who, for reasons best know to themselves, read this blog semi-regularly. In order to make this blog (and the words that periodically appear on it) better, I was hoping to enlist those you strange and wonderful people to get some feedback!

Over the next few weeks I will be trawling through my archive, editing and polishing my various poems and bits of writing. If there’s any feedback you can give me that would be incredibly helpful – let me know which posts you like, if there are any lines that don’t scan well, if there any typos you noticed, what you think of the general format and layout of the blog, etc. Of course I can’t expect you to do my work for me, but hopefully with your help I can improve my writing a bit and make this blog a little more user-friendly.

What do you say?


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