Write Hungry


Write hungry, they said
Find the part of you that’s ravenous
and feed it.
Let it gorge itself on words, yours and others
pour them by the paragraph into its trough
until it fattens up.

Give it your time,
this greedy part of you
it needs so many hours
and it is jealous.
It will bite your friends
trample other commitments
and burrow awkwardly under the covers
into the middle of the bed.
But most of all, it will need feeding.

Write hungry,
and though you may grow tired and thin
if you are lucky the day will come
when you can be done with this obnoxious, boorish part of you
lead it to the slaughter
stick it with a pen
and sign your name.

You can sell it,
if you like
or maybe mount its head upon your wall.
Brag and boast,
and eat well.

Either way, later
you will find then
there’s nothing to do
but start again.
Perhaps not for a long time,
when your stocks of wordswill are replenished,
but eventually.
You’ll find another part of you
to love and hate
and fatten up.


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