Supersonic Spacewhale


supersonic spacewhale rotated

Look! The supersonic spacewhale!
What an incredible sight –
surfing astral rainbows
at twice the speed of light.
Hunting shoals of cosmic krill,
star-hopping with impossible skill
the supersonic spacewhale rules the night!

In a galaxy of darkness
it keeps the shadows at bay
finds the evils of the universe
and drives them all away.
Doctor Who
has nothing on you
the supersonic spacewhale saves the day!

It is honest and straightforward,
as it squashes evil flat.
It doesn’t need a fancy costume.
It doesn’t dress up like a bat.
And you won’t hear it complain
‘first they think I’m a bird, then they think I’m a plane’.
No, a spacewhale is a spacewhale, and that’s that.

So when scientists are wondering
‘Is there life beyond the skies?’
don’t be surprised if someone turns,
throws up their hands and cries
that zooming through the starry void,
munching on an asteroid,
the supersonic spacewhale never dies!


Art by Elena Purlytė at:


2 thoughts on “Supersonic Spacewhale

  1. Reblogged this on EyesOfTrees and commented:
    Some more art and poetry collaborations! I present to you – “Supersonic Spacewhale” by Lewis Brown. And yes, we decided that my illustration is a combination of “Starry Night”, Nyan Cat and a whale. Classic.

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