The Whispering Well


In the world’s darkest places there’s are terrible things
like cackling creatures with leathery wings,
long-fingered goblins with murderous eyes
and foul-smelling flowers surrounded by flies.
In the depths of the deadwoods dread horrors do dwell
but the worst of the worst of the worst is the well.

It sits in a clearing with trees all around,
as tall as the heavens – from the sky to the ground,
at their roots is the well with its crumbling stones
surrounded by branches that rattle like bones.
No one from the village ever comes here it seems,
but the fisherman’s daughter sees the well in her dreams.

Since her mother went missing in the woods in the night
and didn’t come back, she hasn’t been right.
She’s grown a lot thinner, her health has been failing
her sleep has been fitful, her skin has been paling.
She’ll keep getting worse – the doctor can tell
and every night more children dream of the well.

Every morning they wake and look to the trees
to the place in the forest that no one else sees
down to that clearing in the light of the moon,
drawn by the voice that will take them there soon.
The fisherman fears they are under a spell
so he takes a harpoon, and he goes to the well.

There it waits. It is hungry, the beast in the deep
the insidious creature that infiltrates sleep.
Something like an angler fish, luring what it can,
nothing like a human, but something like a man.
The fisherman approaches, rushes boldly to the rim
takes the harpoon in his hand and throws the weapon in-

There is a SCREAM. Then it is done.
The wellbeast is finished. The village has won.
And so ends the story – for the meantime, at least.
So the fisherman saved children of the village from the beast.
But although the danger is over, and all seems to be right
be wary of voices you hear in the night.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Photographer: Fiona Shileds.


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