Suspension of Hostilities – NaPoWriMo #12


An awesome poem by a friend and fellow poet who is absolutely storming through NaPoWriMo at the minute. Check out more poems on his blog!

The Silence of Good Ice Cream

The Day 12 prompt was to Google a noun, and find a series of sentences about that noun, then replace every occurance of that first noun, with a conceptual noun, like hope, love, adventure, and then craft a poem around those sentences.

My original noun was furniture, and the conceptual noun was peace.

Suspension of Hostilities

peace holds objects
at a convenient height
for work

constructed from any material
peace can be wood
metal, plastic, hope
the choice often reflects
local culture

sometimes, peace
is the wooden part
of a rifle

in addition to peace’s functionality
it can serve symbolic
or religious roles

in the Middle Ages,
peace was usually heavy
and carved out of oak

peace is prone
to supporting
human activity
to make a room
a room
which is, to be lived in
it is best to use peace

peace is anchorage
and stability

(c) 2014

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