People of Earth


People of Earth, we
Have been observing you, and we
Have witnessed everything.
Every back-alley, take-his-wallet, why’s-he-not-moving mistake.
Every barbed-wire-border, where’s-your-passport, it-hurts-every-step-that-you-take.
We saw it.
Every late-night, behind-closed-doors, you-thought-no-one-heard-you crying.
Every under-your-breath, back-of-the-bus, go-back-to-your-own-country muttering.
We heard it.
Every whisper, every roar.
Every squabble, every war.

People of Earth, we
Are not angry, but rather we
Are disappointed,
Because we did have hope.
Through all the us-or-them chaos
We glimpsed a light-in-the-darkness
After the boot-in-the-face
Came a hand-on-the-shoulder
But too late
Always too late.

People of Earth, we
Understand that this is difficult for you.
People of Earth, we
Have seen the good in you, and we
Know that you are trying to change, and we
Would like to believe that you are maturing, but we
Have run out of second-chances to give you.

People of Earth.
We are sorry.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Photographers: Reto Stöckli, Nazmi El Saleous, and Marit Jentoft-Nilsen, NASA.


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