Dear Person in the Park


File:Dolores Park Bench.jpg

Dear person in the park
Are you ok?

I’m sorry, I should explain.
You see, I come here a lot because it’s only a little out of the way and its quiet,
but I’ve not seen you before.

I’ve seen people sit here on this bench before
but I’ve seen them sitting here crying.
I’ve seen people sit here alone before
but I’ve not seen them sit alone crying.

Dear person in the park,
I like to imagine that the circle of trees in the middle of the park is where the badger council meets to plot war against the squirrels.
What do you think?
I know, I know, its bollocks,
but it cheers me up.
What cheers you up?
Please, you’re scaring me.

Dear person in the park,
I’m ashamed to admit that on any other day I would just ignore,
just walk on by, pretend I hadn’t seen you,
and I go talk to happy people.

But today I am feeling a different kind of selfish.
Today I need other people to be happy.
Today other people’s sadness is scary.
Today other people’s sadness makes me angry.

So I do what the English always do
when the world makes us angry:
we make the world a cup of tea.
Here you go.
This one is for you.
I hope it makes you happy.

Dear person in the park,
that was probably a really stupid thing to do.
I mean, the tea.
I mean, you probably drink coffee.
I mean, this is none of my business.
I mean, this is probably really interfering, really patronising, really daft.
I mean, I could at least have stretched to a large, or at least a medium.

…but I didn’t know what else to do,
and you aren’t drinking it,
but I don’t know what else to do.
I have to go now.

Dear person in the park I’m sorry
for putting my happiness on your shoulders.
I hope you’re happier now.
I hope you drank the tea.
It did make me feel better
but that wasn’t really the point.


Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons. Photographer: Almonroth.


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