Kids’ TV and the Student Wordsmith


As well as poetry and prose fiction (more on that later) I also quite enjoy writing journalistic pieces, usually about whatever TV, books, games, films, music, etc. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to non-fiction so I almost always only write about what I like, but sometimes I’m quite pleased with how it comes out.

Last year I got a piece about Kids’ TV into the student newspaper (Scooby Doo was pretty much my childhood hero), and I thought I’d share it. It also got accepted by the Student Wordsmith, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to plug the awesome stuff on their site at the same time as being vain and showing off (besides, their version looks so much nicer than mine).

Just follow the link below and take a look. The Student Wordsmith is for students and by students, with plenty of opportunities to get involved for any student or graduate with something to say. My article is there, but there’s also loads more to check out!

Doing It For The Kids!