TV Daydream


Once upon a TV screen:
Something happened with some dinosaurs,
or something, and then some penguins
made a documentary about David Attenborough.
Then some aliens/pirates/dinosaurs/ninjas
Kidnapped Johnny Depp/Jedward/the Wombles/the president
Leaving it all up to Batman/Spock/Maggie Smith/Rastamouse
to stop the zombies/meteor/bomb/global warming.
Then some vampires showed up, but they weren’t really important,
the main plot was something about werewolves, or time travel,
or spies, or saving Daphne from the ghost that was really old man Jenkins,
dressed up in a suit in an abandoned amusement park. Probably.
I think there was a love triangle;
it was hard to tell
in between all the fighting and celebrity gossip programmes.
Then there were more baddies, but this time they were the goodies.
Then Sigourney Weaver died,
and they all lived happily ever after.
The end.