Hug Zombies


Something confusing is happening.
Nobody knows what to think.
But the social taboo on affection
seems to have gone down the sink.

Could it be the
Hug Zombie Virus?
It would go some way to explain,
why people are roaming the streets now,
mumbling on about brains.

Now they might look like they’re just lonely,
in need of a cuddle or squeeze,
but behind that facade of affection,
there lurks a most deadly disease.

Yes, it’s the
Hug Zombie Virus.
It might sound bizarre but it’s true.
The world is chock full of hug zombies,
and each one has a cuddle for you.

So don’t let their friendly grins fool you,
their warm open arms can condemn.
Once they’ve wrapped themselves tight around you,
it’s not long before you’re one of them.

It’s an international pandemic,
And it’s sweeping across the globe.
All they want is a great big hug
and a bite of your frontal lobe.
So submit to the
Hug Zombie Virus,
and think of the ones you adore,
because it’s three minutes by my watch
until the hug zombies break down the door.